Thursday, October 20, 2011

Patterns and Ruffles

I fell in love with this pattern from H&M when I saw it on one of their Spring collection shift dress. At the time the dress was a little too pricey for me therefore I didn't purchase it. I didn't know they had the same pattern on a top until I saw this one on the clearance rack. Before trying it on I was afraid that the top would be too short and show my mid-section. As a short petite I tend to wear shorter length skirts to give the illusion of longer legs so to pair it with a short top would be a big mistake.
In any case the top worked out well. I paired it with a black skirt and beige wedges so that the focus will be on the colorful top. I also kept my jewelry simple. As you can see I was even experimenting during the photo session. In the first picture I tried it on with a long necklace but didn't really like how it hung so I took it off. I like it better with just dangling earrings and a single bangle. You can probably tell by now that I tend to be a minimalistic when it comes to accessories.
I still really like the pattern and color of this top but am in a dilemma. Last week I found the shift dress on sale in my size! So I bought it. The question is, would it make sense to keep both the top and dress in the same print? Something to ponder about this weekend...

Shirt :: H&M
Skirt :: Free People via TJ Maxx
Shoes :: Aldo Cannistratro
Earrings :: F21
 Bangle & Necklace :: Swapped

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  1. Love the fun pattern on your top! I tend to like accessories but I like how you kept it simple so that your top is the center of attention :) Maybe you can do a post just about accessories ;)

  2. I like the frilly skirt, it's short and cute, just the right length for you! The printed top is nice too, the pattern is fun, I think it's alright to have a shift dress of the same pattern as long as you don't wear them together ha..


  3. So cute as always! :)

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  4. you look so radiant! i love that skirt on you :D
    jessie x
    the weekend project.

  5. love the combination of the two! That skirt is really gorgeous with the ruffly details!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
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  6. I love the colour and the pattern of the top, and yeah with something as flamboyant as this print, its best to keep the accessories simple :) great outfit!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  7. I really love your ruffle skirt and that awesome print on your top!

    You have amazing style and I just love the feel of your blog. I also want to thank you for leaving that sweet comment over on my blog :)

    your new follower

  8. hi thu! i love your pretty shirt along w. the ruffle skirt ~ you look way cute!!!
    xoxo ~ kristina

  9. Like the always one for ruffles! :)

  10. I love that top! I think I would like it even better if it was tucked in so it would show off your figure even more! :)

  11. Hi, you look great I love your hair and top! :D I love the prints you have on, Its so hard for me to find a nice print that I feel like wearing all the time over here haha!

  12. Love the pattern of then top! :)

  13. i LOVE the outfit! you look great in both the skirt and the top! :) i really adore this look on you (and that sexay flowing hair definitely adds to the look!!)

    sharde @ the style projects

  14. I really like the pattern on that top!

  15. I love your top! Absolutely darling.
    xo Josie

  16. your top is my favorite . i love patterns and you rock it well. i dont feel like patterns look good on me.

  17. H&M sales are the greatest! That top is so cute! And I didn't know TJ Maxx had Free People?! I'll have to make a trip there! :)

    sorelle in style

  18. Ummm YES keep BOTH! HaHaHa This top looks great on you and I bet the dress does too. This looks better with just the earrings. I'm a minimalist too so I understand. Love that ruffled skirt! Great outfit. :D

  19. SO funny, I wanted that dress (your shirt) at H&M and they were out of my size.

  20. i regret not buying that top when i first saw it at h&M! i looove it. xx

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  21. I love that top! I don't know why I hesitated on getting it, it was between that or the dress that had the print, but then I saw it in the solid colour and couldn't decide and went home...LOL so you know what happened...I went back and of course my size was GONE...

  22. OMGOSH I love those shoes!!! Thanks for commenting btw, I'm so glad I followed you here, these pics are adorable. keep posting!

  23. this is my fave look!! I love the mix of the pattern and ruffles!! and great shoes to go with!!!



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