Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Mum

If there’s one member of the family who works tirelessly to keep us healthy and happy, then it has to be Mum. Too often mums are the unsung heroes of the family, packing our lunches, driving us to football training and patching up our bloodied knees. Decades might have passed since she made your school sandwiches, but chances are you still rely on her more than you realize. If your mum is one of the unsung heroes of your family, why not get her a gift that lets her know just how much you appreciate her?

1. A getaway:
If your mum is looking a little run down, perhaps it’s time you whisked her off her feet for a surprise getaway. This could be for her and your dad, a group of friends, or even for just the pair of you.
It doesn’t need to be overseas, though you would be mad not to take advantage of the countless cheap getaways to places like the south of France. Somewhere as simple and elegant as a B&B in Cornwall for the weekend is the perfect way to show mum just how much you care.
2. Dinner and a show:
Why not use your mum’s birthday or Christmas as an excuse to surprise her with tickets to dinner and a show? There is such a fantastic range of performances on in most major cities, with cheap package deals that offer combined dinner and theatre packages.
From comedy to Shakespeare, tragedy to musicals, there is no shortage of variety to suit every mum’s personal preference.
3. Pyjamas:
If there’s one thing that most mums need, it’s a chance to sit back and relax a little. Why not encourage your mum to do just this by purchasing her a new set of beautiful pyjamas from
There’s a great range to suit your mum’s personal style, from slinky matching satin pyjama tops and bottoms to a warm and cozy flannel set. With the weather cooling down so much, a new set of pyjamas and a matching robe or slippers is just the sort of gift to encourage mum to put her feet up and watch some TV.
4. Taking a course: Why not encourage your mum to learn a new skill that she’s always shown an interest in. It might be learning French, taking a pastry cooking course or joining a classical music appreciation class. Whatever her interests, be sure to find out in secret and sign her up for a fun new learning experience.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. My mom would love taking a course!! Great idea!

  2. Thanks for the ideas, great inspiration!!

    I am following you, love you to follow me back;)

    Kisses from Amsterdam!


  3. Such lovely post! Great ideas!


  4. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of good christmas present for my parents... so this really helps! thank you for sharing these ideas :)


  5. these are really awesome ideas!!! MY MUM WOULD LOVE THE PJ's!!!! :D
    thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I'm following you now....would you follow back??
    Much Love
    Chari T (deep stilettos)xoxo

  6. ok, i've done all for my mom except #4. excellent Thu!

  7. Simple ways to say "i love and appreciate you". The best! Can't wait til one day our kids do this for us huh?


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