Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Earrings for Every Style

            How many times has JLo been spotted wearing her signature hoop earrings?  With all the rocks she’s got, she’s been seen wearing her hoops when lounging at the pool and at movie premieres, making it work for her every style.   
            Diamond studs and hoop earrings should be two essentials in any women’s jewelry repertoire.  However, these days there are countless types of hoops and studs.  Whether you are in the market for a pair for yourself or are gifting them, here are the top 4 styles of earrings to choose from.   
            The most popular style of earrings bought worldwide are diamond studs.  Classic diamond studs are the perfect addition to any wardrobe or occasion, whether you are pairing them with jeans for a date night or when donning them for an evening bash.  For the no frills gal, who likes clean lines and simplicity, these are just right.  They are understated enough so that they can be paired with other jewelry without appearing gaudy.   Studs are the perfect gift to illuminate any face and brighten anyone’s day.  The Classic Four Prong Diamond Set, for example, will never go out of style and will complement anyone.  
            The same applies for classic hoop earrings.  A clean style, like the Prong Set Diamond Lined Hoops, make a dazzling, well-appreciated gift.
            For those who want to feel like they are walking the red carpet, Designer Diamond Studs are your pick.  If classic is too modest, then designer studs offer you a more ornate and eclectic taste.  A flawless example is the Millgrain Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings.  These studs are so rich and glamorous that they will give any diamond ring a run for its money. 

            For style and sophistication look no further than hoop earrings.  If studs are the epitome of elegance, then hoops are the epitome of trendiness.  They add a certain sass and sexiness to any outfit.  Hoops take you from drab to fab when shooting for a casual look or for a girl’s night out.  When buying a gift, look for earrings that will flatter and showcase the recipient’s personality.  Large diamond hoop earrings make a bold statement, while small ones look more polished. 
            If you appreciate antiques or heirlooms, then vintage is your destination.  Vintage lends an old Hollywood charm to any earrings.  Try out the Wavy Double Drop Diamond Earrings for a fanciful feel.
              Whether you like to keep up with the latest fashion trends or just dance to the beat of your own drum,  Anjolee will find the style that is just right for you.


  1. i adore anjolee! they have a wonderful selection and great prices. i really like the last pair.

  2. I totally love their selection! They have so many amazing pieces to choose from ♥

  3. i love all three earrings! :D

    <3, Mimi
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