Friday, October 7, 2011

Faux Fur

Coat :: Banana Republic
Wrap :: Gap
Top :: Gap
Bottom :: XOXO
Belt :: Came from a Rampage Romper
Shoes :: Aldo Cannistratro
Bag :: Coach Sophia Gathered Leather Satchel

Today I thought I'd give you guys a break from looking at blurry iPhone pictures so I sorted through some old pictures and came upon these. These were taken probably around March during Boston's restaurant week. You might be wondering, why the heck is she posting an outfit post from months ago now. Well...the reason is because I want to tell you ladies about the coat that I was wearing. My husband purchased it for me about three maybe four years ago as a Christmas gift. When I opened the package and saw it I stared at it for a good 5 minutes. At that time I seriously thought it was hideous! The color was wrong, it was too long, and what the heck is with the fur collar! I didn't want to make my husband feel bad so I thanked him and put it away. A couple of times I actually was tempted to ask him for the receipt to return it but being the nice wife that I am I didn't ;) 

Anyways, beginning of this year I started to see the camel and beige color on everything - shoes, bags, jackets. So I brought this coat out for a closer inspection, tried it on with different outfits and shoes and realized that I LOVED IT. I am not sure if my taste has changed or the fact that I am starting to take more risk adding color and texture to my wardrobe but since following the blog community I was more willing to try things out. In any case, this coat is now a stable in my closet and would you know it this Fall season I think faux fur is making a come-back. I am beginning to see it everywhere. Just yesterday I was in H&M (I know again!) and most of their coats also had faux fur on them.
This one above was particularly nice. And if you already have a coat and just want to embellish it with fur, they also have a detachable fur collar. I've seen this collar on many fellow bloggers before.

It comes in brown, beige and light grey.

So I guess the lesson I learned is that I shouldn't disregard an item or piece of clothing, especially one that my husband has spent his time and energy to pick out for me, at first sight. Finding out what works and what doesn't for me is a trail and error process. I just need to take some time, maybe do a little research, and see what I can pair it with. And of course I will always have my fellow bloggers to go to for inspiration!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've been loving faux fur for the fall. Lovely outfit.


  2. Your husband is so ahead of the current fashion trends. Lol. Love this look on you. (And those shoes.. .FAB!)

  3. Before reading your post, I quickly browsed your pictures and was thinking, "Wow, lovely lady and what a beautiful coat." Your husband has great taste and you look fabulous in it! The coat is definitely a keeper!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Have a lovely weekend!


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  5. Love that jacket! So classy <3



  6. Love this look, especially jacket!


  7. Love your blog Following you!!!
    I'd love it if you check out mine and tell me what you think!!


  8. I like your sense of style. I hope you can check out my blog.

  9. lovee your outfit!!

  10. Ummmm yeah, you are banned from showing us iphone pix because OMG...look at you!!!! You look stunning in these pictures, and you have an amazing sense of style...that pleated mini skirt was just fluke. I love this coat, and man do I want a complexion like yours. STILL getting zits at 30...yeah let's not go there!

  11. What a beautiful coat - I love the camel color! And your hair is so pretty!

  12. Nice outfit!

  13. That's a great coat Thu! It's so classy!


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