Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mustard and Color-Blocking Wheel

For months now I have been searching everywhere for any piece of clothing that was a mustard color at an affordable price. I figured with the color-blocking trend, which has been around for quite some time now, that this will be the focal color of an outfit that I will attempt to put together. Finally this past weekend I found this skirt at F21 for $6.50. If you've read my previous posts you know that I am not a fan of F21 and their return policy but for $6.50 I figure I can always exchange it for some accessories if I didn't like it.
For this outfit I chose two analogous colors - orange and yellow and paired it with a cream lace vest to soften the brightness and beige shoes to balance everything out.

These days I love anything with lace details, it just adds such a romantic and elegant look to any outfit. This chiffon blouse is very soft and flowy - initially I was going to add a belt to shape my figure but I decided to pair it with this vest instead to give it a little more structure on top.
This is my first attempt at putting together a color-blocking outfit. I've seen this trend worn by many fellow bloggers and have always been intrigued but never dared to try it. I had to do a little bit research before I made this attempt. Over at TalkNerdy2Me I found a helpful color-blocking wheel:

To achieve a look using a combination of colors you can you this wheel to see which colors are complementary.
  • In my outfit above I used analogous colors - which are any three colors that are lined up on the color wheel (ex. yellow, orange/yellow, orange)
  • Complementary colors are any colors that are directly across from each other (ex. yellow and violet) [I actually have a purple pencil skirt that I want to complement with a yellow top - just need to find a nice yellow top ;)]
  • Pair colors that form a 90 degree angle with each other (ex. yellow and red/orange)
  • Pair colors that form an X (ex. blue, orange, violet-red & yellow)
  • Pair colors that form a T (ex. yellow, blue-green & red-orange)
  • Or you can do a color-family combination where you can substitute pink (tint) with red and still be able to pull off the combos based on the color wheel.
I am by no means an expert in this trend but I wanted to share with you ladies what I found during my research. I really like this trend a lot because there's so many affordable ways you can put together an outfit. These days there are many options to choose from when picking out a colorful piece of clothing - F21, H&M, the thrift store...once you find that one key color you can pick anything else in your closet to pair it with. Its such a challenging but at the same time fun trend and I hope you guys have as much fun pairing different colors together like I did. I hope that this was helpful and let me know how it worked out for you.

Vest :: Material Girls
Top :: H&M
Cami :: Gap
Bottom :: F21
Shoes :: Aldo Gwenda

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the colour combo! gorgeous!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your color blocking combi! XX Iris

  3. Love the colour blocking! You added a nice touch with the vest!

  4. i think you did a great job pairing the mustard and orange together! i love bow blouses and this one from H&M is so cute!

    cute & little

  5. I'm with you on the F21 return policy. but hey, for that price, I'd get it! Love the colors you've used! ADorable!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  6. We really love your post! Your outfit is really amazing! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tip in determining perfect color combination! We love it very much! Very nice post!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!



  7. Thanks for your comment! I bought my clutch in HK :)


  8. Love the mustard yellow skirt (and what a steal you got on it!) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - I followed you <3

  9. $6.50 for that skirt? I am glad you got it! F21 has a lot of great items that are well made, but you have to really look for it. Similarly to you, I almost bought that bow front blouse but decided to get the stripe top I am wearing today!

  10. Wow, what a bargain on the skirt! Love this color combo on you ;)

  11. You did a great job. Yellow is a great piece for colorblocking! I love the nude heels and vest too.

    Another favorite color blocking that I like is blue, green, yellow. I also like purple, aqua green and black.

  12. Love this outfit on you! Colorblocking suits you well :) Love ywllow and orange together, and I think paring it with that vest really helped bring the whole look together

  13. The orange suits you well! I never would have thought of pairing it with yellow...but it works!

  14. This is a great colour blocking style from 2 colours within the same range! BTW, I saw the posts below, your kids are so adorable.

    Re your comment:
    Haha, they're not my pets! Nonetheless, thanx for stopping by my blog and leaving some love coz I love to see newcomers around.

  15. I totally wish I could pull off orange like you! Great outfit! :]


  16. What a wonderful out Thu! Haha we have the same name. That's cool. :)

  17. I love that orange blouse with the mustard! $6.50 is an amazing deal and a good way to get in on the trend without spending too much :)

  18. Very nice outfit! So colorful! I also love the pictures! <3<3

  19. very nice colored outfit! Love your color block :D

  20. Such a fun post! I'm loving the cheeriness of the orange and mustard together...definitely some color blocking perfection:) I think I have that same blouse...the whole outfit looks lovely on you!

  21. Orange and yellow!!!! I go ga ga over those colours. Love the outfit and you are gorgeous!

  22. dang....such gorgeous color-blocking!! I haven't seen orange and yellow paired together before....perfect!


  23. You look great, and this color blocking wheel is such a great resource! Thanks for posting it!


  24. mustard is such a versatile and amazing color. you can do it as you have here in the color blocking trend, or pair it with plain black heels for a classic outfit! You've down well! Love it!


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