Monday, October 10, 2011

Apples and Burgundy

Autumn is finally here in full force and you can tell by the leaves changing color and by how packed the Apple orchards are :) I love the Autumn season because everywhere you turn there is a burst of color - bright orange pumpkins, red delicious apples, yellow leaves...A little fun fact about me - my name Thu when translated in English means Autumn. Therefore this season always hold a special place in my heart. This past weekend the family and I spent our Saturday at a local farm for their annual Autumn festival. Autumn is never the same unless we indulge ourselves with hand-picked apples, fresh baked apples donuts and yummy apple cider - all made fresh and grown on the farm. I think I may have eaten 7 donuts by myself but who's counting ;)
My favorite part about the Autumn season is that you can start to bring out dark colors from your closet. The temperature was in the high 70s this weekend so I wanted to choose something light and cool. This H&M top was a recent purchase from the clearance rack. It did not come with a belt so when I first saw it I thought - wow, this shirt is huge, plus the deep burgundy color was more appropriate for the Fall season but the material is so light I would freeze to death. But for $7 bucks I took the chance and purchase it anyways. Turned out Saturday was the perfect day to wear it. The weather was warm and we were going to a farm which will be bursting with all the Fall colors, I was sure I would blend in well.
I found a belt from another dress that matched well with the cream part of the shorts and used that to cinch the top. I really liked how it turned out creating an hour-glass shape and cascading ripples down the side. The top came out nicer than I expected!

Of course - mini me wanted in on some photo-posing action as well. She is wearing an H&M shirt that was quite long so I turned it into a shirt dress. She loves wearing her faux fur boots from Old Navy and folded them down herself!

Top :: H&M
Cami :: GAP
Bottom :: H&M
Belt :: Came from another H&M dress
Shoes :: Aldo
Bag :: LV Neverfull
Thanks for reading!


  1. What a picture perfect family! Fall is absolutely my fave season too...can't wait to bust out my boots and scarves again. LOL Have a lovely day, Thu.

  2. Lovely outfit. Love burgundy. Aww the lil girl is just too cute.


  3. I love the top! that colour suits you so well! :D

  4. such adorable photos, you look fabulous even while apple picking! love the outfit ;)

  5. Awww mini-me is so cute, and great folding job! It looks like you had an enjoyable weekend! Hope you do go back to get that skirt, it'll look great on you!

  6. cute post! i agree, that color does suit you well!! xo

  7. nice pictures! especially with that of the little girl, it very regal! love it!


  8. You 3 look like the prefect family!! Your daughter is gorgeous! She is literally a mini-me of you!! I love your outfit in this post, great colour combo! would you like to follow each other on bloglovin? let me know! J Umm! x

  9. kids and just your whole family are so BEAUTIFUL!! what a perfect autumn day!


  10. OH MY GOD...your kids are amazingly adorable. Can i please adopt them!?!?! haha but for real, i don't know how they wouldn't just put a smile on anyones face!! so cute! your outfit is cute and it looks like y'all had fun!


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