Wednesday, November 2, 2011

European Loop & Envelope Clutch

The leopard scarf - so timeless, warm and oh-so wearable. What better way to wear it than in a European loop. Taking a cue from the French, the European loop is a classic and simple way to tie your scarf - this is one of my personal favorites. Below are some illustrations of how it is done for those not familiar with this method: 

First - fold your oblong scarf in the middle.

Second - Put it around the back of your neck.

Third - Pass the ends through the loop.

Fourth - Adjust the scarf accordingly, depending on how tight or loose you want the knot to be. That's it!
I love that this method is the easiest and warmest way to wear a scarf. It can be adorned by both men and woman and works well with both casual and business outfits. A tighter knot will give you that chic and polished look and a looser knot will give you that casual and comfy look.
Today I borrowed my friend's clutch to showcase to you my newfound love. The envelope clutch!
I absolutely adore this clutch. The structure and shape of it gives it such a masculine appeal, edgy, but yet chic. Most envelope clutch also comes with a versatile strap giving it a laid-back style that would be perfect for everyday activities like running errands or shopping till you drop! 
I love how they come in a rainbow of fun colors, from neon pink, orange and teal to more neutral tones like yellow and this tan one. Slim, sleek and so sophisticated, the envelope clutch is like a great pair of black stiletto pumps, a classic wardrobe staple that goes with everything. [Mines is currently being shipped home as I type this]

Top :: H&M
Blazer :: Borrowed
Skirt :: H&M
Scarf :: Borrowed
Shoes :: Steve Madden Intyce
Tights :: DKNY
Clutch :: Borrowed
Earrings :: Gift

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love your scarf. You paired it perfectly.


  2. i really hope u follow me baack, btw i have recommend this to google, hope u do the same to my posts

  3. Love THAT clutch.

    Your scarf tutorial reminded me of one I recently saw on Youtube. Have you seen it? It's awesome!

    I think I've only had a chance to try one of her looks. But it's a really fun video.

  4. Love the animal print with the light pink shirt! Your clutch is gorgeous too.
    I showed a lady this type of loop with a scarf about the size of yours, and she said 'Isn't that just for smaller scarves?' And I was like 'No, it's for all scarves, style rules don't work that way!'

  5. Love that scarf! (I'm always on the lookout for another animal print one!) Was it a recent find at H&M? And you are rocking that whole outfit, including the envelope clutch! :o)

  6. I tie my scarves a lot using this knot...I think its very chic! :)

    And I ADORE envelope clutches.......though my search for a perfect one is still on....

  7. My 6-year old nephew wears his scarves like that, and it's just the cutest thing ever! Like your whole outfit too!

  8. Hey Girl! First of all, I HAVE to get a leopard scarf! I think they are awesome. Love yours! Secondly, thanks so much for the tutorial. I am so lost when tying them. HAHAHA This really helps. Hope you're having an awesome day! :D

  9. That is just how I tie on my scarves! Cute outfit too!


  10. the scarf and the bag are fantastic! love the whole look


  11. I always do my scarves like this, its so easy and it looks great! And I've been obsessed with envelope clutches lately, probably because I keep seeing them everywhere. They really are great, I love the color of yours! And hey if you ever hit up San Diego, let me know! ;)

    xx Jessica

  12. Love the leopard scarf! I need to know who the clutch is from it is fabulous.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  13. I was contemplating whether or not to get a leopard scarf...and I might just have to now since you make it look so good. and the envelope clutch....obsessed...was going to purchase in every color!


  14. I love your all neutral outfit paired with the leopard scarf. Scarves a great way to look stylish, and warm! Heather

  15. The scarf is fantastic! You should try the European double loop or the twist loop as well!

  16. I adore your outfit:) you look great;)

  17. your clutch is my favorite!

  18. too true about the classic colors in your great outfit, clutch, boots, tights, leopard print! earlier today, i was saying how i collect scarves, but hardly ever wear them. i have a leopard print one as well, i should probably pull from its drawer. i wonder if that'll actually happen.

  19. Doesn't Steve Madden make awesome boots?!?! I just love mine! And I adore the scarf. Too bad its borrowed huh? ;)

    Why is it so much easier finding things for other people, especially the kids? LOL

  20. the clutch is super amazing!!! where from??


  21. So that's what you call that tie! I've been doing that but I didn't know it was called a European tie! I am loving that clutch. I'm on the search for one like that in a bold color. Great compliment for the fall!!


  22. You're clutch is so beautiful, love it!

  23. Thu, I LOVE that clutch! It's sooooo gorgeous, and I bet the texture is just sooo soft and yummy! It sure looks like it!

    I also really am in love with your scarf! I want to get a HUGE leopard print scarf! I am convinced I need one!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  24. Thu, you look great!!! And love your tan clutch!

  25. I love blazers, and how you styled it here. I would totally wear this outfit!

  26. Your leopard scarf is SO chic! Also the European loop is on of my favorite ways to wear a scarf too! :)

    star-crossed smile

  27. that clutch is so chic i so like it.

  28. Nice scarf!

  29. ooh love this tutorial :D And your orange clutch- adorable colour!!
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  30. your leopard scarf is perfect! i definitely have one of my wishlist now. :)

    cute & little

  31. super CUTE outfit, everything goes sooo well together!


    - teeney

  32. You love amazing! I love the neutral hues mixed with black. The scarf is a great touch! I didn't know it's known as the European loop, that's how I usually wear my scarf too!

  33. Ohh I love the clutch!! I saw a envelope clutch similar (but not as nice as yours) at the Nordstrom Half-yearly sale and I think I'll get it now, I hope its still in stock when I get home today!


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