Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

Just wanted to do a quick recap to share with you ladies my kids' costumes this year. Ever since we took my son to see Captain America this past summer he was addicted to this Marvel Comic character. The shield that he was carrying was actually a gift from his favorite great-uncle in GA which he uses as a Frisbee.
Here is Lil' C in her Belle costume. She has been rotating through all the Disney princess since she was 2. I personally think she was drawn to this outfit because of the mustard color but of course she says otherwise ;)
Even though I am too old for trick or treating. I did treat myself to something special and this treat my ladies did NOT add to my waistline! I recently ordered these online from Aldo (one of my many purchases which I need not disclose as hubby reads my blog- hahaha). As you ladies already know animal print is coming in full-force this season and what better way to make a fashion statement than to strut in these purr-fect pumps. It's the perfect touch you will need to add some zest to your fall attire. I can't wait to start pairing outfits together with these beauties. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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  1. Love the kids' costumes! Of course, adult "treats" are even better ;) Killer heels!

  2. amazing leopard heels!! love the little belle costume awwww

  3. too cute for words!!! Those heels are fab too!


  4. Girl, your little ones are just too adorable! Yaaay to the uncle that gave him that fine shield. It really tops off his outfit! Great costume! And your little girl, looks SO CUTE as Belle. Did you tell her mustard is IN? HAHA I love it!!! I was a sock girl when I was little too. Loved them! AND WTG with those heels! PURE AWESOMENESS!!! They are HAUTE! WOOOOO Can't wait for you to showcase these. A wonderful investment. Hope you're having a great day! Thank you for your kind words yesterday. ((HUG))

  5. Aww your kids' costumes are so cute! I love Captain America hehe. And those heels are fierce! :)

    xx Jessica

  6. Your kiddies are adorable!! And love the shoes! I recently bought a pair of leopard print platform mary jane peep toes!!!

    Btw... did you ever get to go to Old Navy? :)

  7. They looked adorable! Great costumes! Of course, I love Belle - she is my favorite Disney princess :)

    Oh & great shoe pick!


  8. remarkable children, excellent photos, & animal print pump eye candy! i used to love punky brewster.

  9. Oh my goodness your children are adorable! Love the shoes too, they'll look fantastic with so many fall outfits!

    & thanks for visiting my blog the other day, I love finding new petite bloggers!

  10. Oh my gosh!! The kiddos are SO CUTE!! I love their costumes!

    And those heels are ferocious (in a good way)! Love 'em!

    xo, sam

  11. their costumes are so cute! I am such a comic book geek that I always want to wear comic book costumes, but people would think I was crazy! haahahah. And awesome treat for yourself! those heels look so glam!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  12. they look soooo cute and adorable. when I have kids I want to dress them up like that :)

  13. aww the kids look so adorable and I'm loving those heels ! x

  14. your kids are really cute, I love their costumes. And your Aldo heels are fabulous, I like the leopard print.


  15. TOO CUTE! we also went out trick 'r treatin' with princess belle on halloween. hehehe. :)

    love your aldo heels! leopards are my fave prints!

    cindy - design3rd

  16. Your kids are too cute! I love the Belle costume. I have to say I would've never thought you had kids because you look so young!

  17. I love the costumes and the shoes. Especially the shoes!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  18. Your kids are beyond adorable! They look so sweet (and fun) in their costumes!

  19. Your kids look so adorable in their costumes! And hurray for the non-fattening treat, you totally deserve a pair of heels (among many others) for doing a fanstastic job of juggling family life, work and law school ;)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  20. they are sooooo ADORABLE (as are those shoes!!)


    - teeney


  21. You have beautiful children!! How old are they?

    My son was a monkey and my daughter a pink butterfly (but somehow looked like a pink penguin LOL). Can't wait to see how you wear those hot new shoes!


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