Friday, April 19, 2013

Postcards from DC | Cherry Blossoms

 This trip was beyond dreamy - I've been wanting to see cherry blossoms for the last 4 years but Finals always got in the way. The weather was perfect, the setting was impeccable in every way and most importantly our family was able to stay together amidst everything that has been going on in Boston.

It's important to know a good thing when you have it; I certainly relished every second of this trip. Thanks for stopping by and please keep Boston in your heart! #prayforboston

Photos taken in Washington DC near the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin. Wearing: H&M blouse and crossbody bag, Juicy Couture and Arden B sunglasses (I switched out to the Arden B ones because it was too sunny), DKNY watch, Pinkbarry bracelets.


  1. thu, your pictures are exquisite. i love the cherry blossoms in DC. you look great doll.

  2. wow, amazing photos, you look lovely, I feel spring time now

  3. What an amazing post...I love cherry blossoms and Spring! You look gorgeous by the way!

  4. The leopard print top looks BEAUTIFUL!! x

  5. Great shots! and I love the cherry blossoms, you're so pretty as well!

  6. I love the pictures soo pretty and. you are really pretty
    ♥_♥ the photos are stunning I really want to go and visit...


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